Installing an Above Ground Pool Liner

Please read the entire installation guide before commencing installation.

Tools Needed:

  • suitable drill and bits(cordless is recommended)
  • rubber mallet
  • wet/dry vacuum cleaner
  • stanley knife
  • ladder to enter and exit the pool
  • pvc tape
  • screed (this can just be a flat piece of timber about 1500 mm long)
  • soft broom
  • small tube of vinyl safe silicone
  • level
  • some black plastic
  • your new liner

Preparing Your Pool Site

Preparation of your pool site before installation is vital to ensure your new pool liner looks great and fits well. Ensure the area around your pool site is free from Nut Grass. If you suspect Nut Grass, a good quality suitable poison should be used to kill the grass. Prepare a sand base and ensure that it is at least 50 mm deep over the entire base of the pool. A cove will need to be created all the way around the wall of the pool at least 150 mm high (see diagram A).

above_pool_liner_install_diagram_aDiagram A. Recommended setup for installing pool liners.

Step 1. Place new sand inside the pool area if required and screed to smooth the sand. This can be done with a garden rake or a piece of timber. Once the sand floor of the pool is completely smooth, compact it by tamping or rolling. Sprinkling water onto the sand will help the compaction. We recommend using a fine broom to remove any compaction marks (and foot prints) ensuring a good, smooth finish for the liner.

Step 2. With a cloth or soft broom, clean the walls of the pool to remove any sand and metal filings. We recommended using a PVC insulation tape or similar tape over the wall join bolts on the inside wall of the pool. It is also advisable to place a ground sheet or black plastic sheet between the sand and liner. This is secured to the pool wall above the sand cove with tape. Remove top copings or small round metal capping from the pool .

Fitting Your New Fabric Solutions Pool Liner

Step 1. Carefully unpack your above ground pool liner from the cardboard carton. Do not use any knife or sharp object to open the box as this may damage the liner. Take care when handling the pool liner. With one or more helpers inside the pool, pass the liner into the pool and place it to one end.

Step 2. Unroll the liner working towards the opposite end of the pool and gently open it ensuring the sand levels are not disturbed. Spread the liner so that the base to floor seam sits evenly about midway up the coving around the edge of the pool. Place the top of the pool liner about 150mm over the pool wall.

Pin the liner at each end of the pool and at either side. Clothes pegs work well to hold the liner in place. In some instances the pool liner may appear to be too small around the perimeter. The perimeter can be adjusted by evenly tensioning the perimeter of the liner as you place the top edge over the wall of the pool. Stretching the top perimeter of the liner slightly will not damage the liner.

Check there are no diagonal wrinkles in the wall of the liner. Wrinkles indicate either an uneven overlap or the wall is not square with the bottom. This can easily be adjusted by moving the top of the liner in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction until all wrinkles disappear. Check the seams on the floor of the liner are running straight and the base of the liner is flat with all large wrinkles removed.

Step 3. The removal of the remaining wrinkles can be done by either manually removing them or by vacuum (sucking the air out from behind the liner). If your pool has a deep end, it is strongly recommended that you use the vacuum system.

Manual Method

Manual Method

Place a garden hose in the pool and ensure all fittings that could damage the liner are removed. The person fitting the liner should get into the pool just prior to filling. *Note – the liner can be very slippery when wet*.

Start filling the pool until there is 25mm of water over the entire floor. Turn the water off and work out all the wrinkles on the floor. Start at the centre of the pool on your hands and knees (Diagram B). Taking care, gently move the wrinkles out in a circular motion, gradually moving all the excess liner material to the edges of the pool. If there is more than 50mm of water on the pool liner, it will be almost impossible to push any wrinkles out and persistence may cause damage to the liner.

Once satisfied that there are no wrinkles on the floor, adjust any excess liner material by lifting it over the edge of the pool. Continue filling the pool until the water is around 150mm deep or around 50mm above the cove area at the base. Take up slack from the wall of the liner, section by section. The wall of the liner should not have any horizontal or diagonal wrinkles in it.

DO NOT OVER-TENSION THE LINER. Secure the liner with the coping sections (as per your pool manufactures instructions) and continue to fill the pool to around 300mm deep. At this point you need to check the tension of the liner around the perimeter of the pool and if required remove the sections of coping near the affected area and release the tension.

Vacuum Method

Vacuum MethodPlace a suitably sized piece of cardboard around the skimmer box and secure with masking tape. Place the hose of the vacuum cleaner (a Wet & Dry type is recommended) through the pool water return fitting in the wall of the pool until it is around 250mm to 300mm above the sand. Tape around the hose at the wall making a seal (Diagram C). Double check that the liner has no large wrinkles or surplus material and make sure it is secured by the plastic strips.

When the vacuum is turned on, you’ll see the liner sticking to the walls. Continue to work the wrinkles out toward the edge of the pool. You may have to switch the vacuum off to adjust the tension of the liner a few times. This is normal.

Once you have the liner vacuumed out and ALL the wrinkles removed, start filling the pool with your garden hose. Ensure all fittings on the hose are removed or protected so they do not damage the liner.

LEAVE THE VACUUM RUNNING UNTIL THE POOL IS 300mm (12”) DEEP. Turn the vacuum off and carefully remove the vacuum hose from the wall of the pool. Ensure all tape is removed and that no tape falls between the liner and the wall of the pool. Removed the cardboard from the skimmer with the same care.

Replaced the coping, continue to fill the pool to the desired level.

Enjoy your new pool!

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