Industrial All Weather Curtains and Warehouse Curtains

At a fraction of the cost of a permanent wall, a heavy duty industrial curtain wall is an ideal solution to creating retractable barriers for protecting work areas and reducing hazards. Hazards can include contaminates from sand blasting, wash downs or other small particles. Hazards could also be machinery or projects that might need to be temporarily isolated. Curtains can also be used to sub-divide work areas, to isolate machinery or cars in a large garage.

industrial curtain to protect sand blasting areaThe main advantage for an industrial curtain isthat youcan protect work areas, even if they are open to the environment. So they are great for:

  • dividing off work areas,
  • preventing dust and other particles from spreading to other work environmentsor machinery
  • or you canisolate work areas from surrounding contaminants.

Because every factory and building is unique, the industrial curtain must be custom made, so you know it will suit your needs. However the build process will use standard fittings and materials so the cost is still only a fraction of the cost of building in a new wall.

There are lots of uses around a factory or work area, including:

Warehouse Curtains – Useful for dividing up work spaces where a permanent wall is not always required or too expensive. Add in visible panels for line of sight to internal work areas.

Wash Bay Curtains – For applications where power washing of vehicles, equipment or industrial materials takes place. The retractable curtain means wet areas can be isolated while in use and the opened up afterwards. Industrial curtains are designed to contain water overspray and the dust and dirt from wash downs. This makes them an ideal solution where 1, 2, 3 or 4 sided enclosures are required. Combined with a portable spill bund, and liquids, dirt, grim and other contaminants can be contained and collect for further processing and disposal. A clear PVC curtain can also be used provide 100% visibility.Add your logo or advertising and create a very professional look.

Garage Divider Curtains – Divide off areas for machinery and vehicles. Work on and isolate vehicles and machinery from the rest

The versatility of an industrial curtain means it can be used in many locations around the factory. Useful areas and uses include:

Manufacturing and assembly plants

Dust contamination and control

Grinding and sanding areas

Fume containment

Storage facilities

Keep birds and insects from entering building openings and loading docks

An anywhere a flexible space division or work area protection is needed.

The Key Benefits of an Industrial Curtain:

Less expensive than a permanent wall

More flexible than a permanent wall

Seal off work spaces with a 1, 2, 3 or 4 sided enclosure.

Contain dust, overspray and other particles to the work area

Protect exposed work areas from the weather

Add weather protection to building openings.

Can be branded with logo, company colours and advertising

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